Packaging redesign project for Whitworths.


The Whitworths brand look is designed to make consumers feel a sense of nature, therefore, creating a depth of field within every design is key. Based on the research about the company and thinking about the target audience of this modern day society, we came up with the idea of bringing illustrations of the ingredients to the packaging.

For us, as designers and consumers, it is important to have a high-quality product and eye-catching, trendy, contemporary design which would go well with the rest of the graphic communications all around us: from food packaging, to clothes to digital media and etc.

We have drawn the illustrations for the packaging design to create a feeling of nature. Block colours have been chosen to set a contemporary feel. Rather than shy away from the logo, we decided to use it in a way that it is celebrated. The logo is one of the main features of our designs as we feel it is important that such an established logo should be a key factor of the design.

Live project
Group: Callum Garner, Evelina Ulickaite & Chloe Rebekah
2nd Year BA Graphic Communications 
University of Northampton 

Evelina Ulickaite


Northampton, United Kingdom

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