SCC is building a Healthcare Innovation Hub, this is a co-creative space located in the heart of a UK National Hospital where cutting edge technology, such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics will be applied to real world challenges, the aim is to deliver better healthcare outcome as well as operational efficiencies.  

Creative challenge is to create a brand name and logo design proposal for an exciting new initiative SCC are working on.
Vitality + Engineering = Vitality engineers 
Vitality (noun) - the state of being strong and active; energy.
Engineering (noun) - the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.
Motherboards are the main printed circuit board found in general-purpose computers and other expandable systems. It holds, and allows, communication between many of the crucial electronic components of a system, such as the central processing unit and memory, and provides connectors for other peripherals. A similar principle is going to be working this brand, which will be like the motherboard for all UK hospitals bringing vitality to people lives through innovative healthcare technologies. Blocky structure of logo design gives a futuristic look which would also stand out in architecture, on products and across digital or print media.


Northampton, United Kingdom

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