Decathlon Northampton warehouse project of interior and graphic design implantation


Interior design 2D & 3D Graphics -AR experience available \ Majority of graphic design has been specifically designed for this warehouse, no replicas can be found

anywhere else in the world. Ideas how to create rooms and areas have been created here by doing creative sessions with warehouse employees and analysing what their vision are of the best warehouse,

what problems they had to deal daily with space and how to create the best warehouse of Decathlon! 

Decathlon UK
Unit 2 Thomas Dachser Way Northampton NN4 7HT, Brackmills, Northampton


The exterior of the building, car park & sport pitches


Welcome area/Reception






Basketball room


IM (Individual meeting) rooms designed by different theme:

Room 1 - Water sports

Room 2 - Football

Room 3 - Cycling

Room 4 - Climbing


Graphics on the wall (except climbing room) have been made by Y&R France for Decathlon, within the category: Recreation, Leisure. 2008



Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Paris, FranceCreative Director: Les six

Art Director / Copywriter: Guillaume AuboyneauPhotographer: Romain Laurent

Art Buyer: Sylvie Reveillard

Retouching: PierrickSparklink


The picture on the climbing room wall has all rights reserved for the use only of Decathlon. Taken in July 2016 by one of the Decathlon photographers. Author name is unknown. 



CLT ( Customers Loyalty Room)/Hiking room


Decathlon conference room


Male and female toilets, lockers & showers


Deca - gym


Darts room



Training room

Inside the warehouse


One team, one dream graphic vinyl or in other words - WOW wall.

This wall has been created to display and remind good times employees had. Everyone in this warehouse delivers something unique - each person has their own WOW. WOW is the employee. The happy employee. Without happy employees, this warehouse wouldn't be that great. This wall contains more than 500 pictures from various events, competitions, collectives, meetings and work parties.


Here people are family not only at work but after work as well!

Many thanks for Ana Vargas and Luis Abreu for starting this an amazing project, also special thanks for Zsolt Kabai for the given an amazing opportunity to join the project and be in charge for leading interior design creative sessions, being responsible for 
graphics and interior design creation and implementation.


Massive thanks for creative sessions participants and people who have supported during the project: Noemi Calo Tome, Lukasz Huppert, Iveta Brazdzionyte, Karolina Rawa, Pawel Bialo, Weronika Kay, Gary McCourtie, Peter Berczely, Didzis Paberz, Paulina Kowalik, Tiago Ferreira, Matyas Parti, Alex Liano, Amgalan Naran, Mila Guberova, Christopher Lloyd, Romeo Hiwat.


Also, many thanks for all contractors, people from SQ Decathlon UK head office. Marshall Print who have installed all graphic design and Graffiti painters Northampton for painting canteen graffiti!

I'm very grateful for having an opportunity to meet, learn new things, improve my obtained skills, experience from each of influential individuals. 

Each of those people made this project successful and today we can enjoy modern, new and active employees workplace!


Thank You all!


Evelina Ulickaite


Northampton, United Kingdom

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