Snowdonia, the largest National Park with the highest mountain in England and Wales, full of legends and stories, attracts millions of visitors each year who enjoy its amazing landscapes and the wealth of outdoor activities on offer.


Approximately 5 million visits take place in Snowdonia every year. 91% of visitors arrive by car and half of the visitors are here for a day.

However, only around 15% of cars have space in the designated parking area, rest of them are being left all other the places and are blocking traffic, slowing down or blocking deliveries, public transport services to Snowdon completely.

Parking tickets do not solve the problem as people seem not to care as much and are happy to pay for parking tickets. Taking that into consideration, this concept of bus stop has been created to encourage people to use buses to travel around Snowdonia. The name of the bus stop is based to the legend about a giant Idris Gawr - A king of Meirionnydd in early medieval Wales.


  Legends say, he was apparently so large that he could sit on the summit of Cadair Idris, a Welsh mountain, and survey his whole kingdom. Cadair Idris, a Welsh mountain, literally means "Chair of Idris". Idris was said to have studied the stars from on top of it and it was later reputed to bestow either madness or poetic inspiration on whoever spent a night on its summit. Another story has Idris seated in his chair plucking irritating grit from his shoe and throwing it down to the valley below, where it formed the three large boulders seen there till this day.


Software used: SketchUp, Twinmotion, Photoshop CC

Evelina Ulickaite


Northampton, United Kingdom

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