Calling all young carers! by Giffgaff  |  D&AD Newblood competition


Creative challenge: Identify a problem in a community in the UK and use 5G and giffgaff to solve it. 


 Our chosen community are young carers or in other words - legends. There are over 700 000  in the UK. A young carer is someone under 18 who regularly helps look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol. Average age of a young carer is 12. 


Introducing Sarah-lyn 

We had a chat with fellow young carer Sarah-lyn about her experiences caring for her Mum and the issues she faced as a young carer.


What did she have to say? 

“Having a community of young carers to support and uplift each other would have really helped me feel less alone.” 

“The constant fear of missing out made me feel isolated and I wish there could have been a way of making my daily life easier.” 

“I loved being trusted to be able to care for my mum Debbie when she was ill but felt guilty at times.” 


Improving lives for young carers with the power of 5G!

  • Online prescriptions and door-to-door delivery carers can feel reassured when out and about drone service to save time 

  • Unlimited battery life so they can always feel safe and never have to worry about charging their phones

  • Holographic immersive experiences so that they can participate in interviews, classes and meetings in case they don’t have the opportunity to leave home that day

  • Great service wherever you are so you can communicate with loved ones and stay connected with your friends and community 

  • Super fast speed to ensure carers are able to communicate freely


The Campaign 

Following our research, the overall campaign focuses on the core values of how the 5G can give young carers more free time as well as an easier way of life. 5G ensures social life and bring the community together: so, they no longer feel alone with their problems.


Main Assets 

• Promotional material
• App extension for young carers 

• Care package
• Giffback Fest



D&AD Newblood International competition entry

Group project

Team: Zoe Thomas, Chelsie Ellis, Cherie Gupte and Evelina Ulickaite

Year 3 BA Graphic Communications students

University of Northampton


Notebook mockup created by:

Phone sim card mockup created by:

Evelina Ulickaite


Northampton, United Kingdom

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