Not all athletes are born equal. adidas has found that in London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo alone, over 50% of girls don’t play competitive or individual sports and over 25% of girls stop playing sport between the ages of 14-17. Why? Because they don’t see a future. There are too many barriers to stopping their progression. There’s a legacy of inequality and opportunity. Lack of infrastructure, lack of access, lack of role models, lack of funding. A legacy that adidas wants to change.


Design solutions:
Wall & floor graphics, application & website extension
It encourages to try 
to exercise in various locations in London. It introduces weightlifting, bodyweight exercise who have not tried it before and encourages them to challenge themselves by slowly introducing weightlifting. Completed challenges give people 
adipoints which later can be changed to the discount vouchers for shopping at their store, free personal training at the gym or healthy snack or meal in London restaurants.
This design solution as well includes application 
extension of the current
adidas app, as well as website. Each individual who wants to participate has to sign in to track their progress and performance.The game also includes sharing performing exercise in social media. As much and as better they do, more adipoints they receive, which later can be exchanged for the vouchers.


Those banners can be activated with anArtivive App where augmented reality can be discovered. Once activated it gives 
information about the
adipower challenge and where people can find nearest locations to perform weightlifting (adipower locations).

Adidas - Weightlifting - London
D&AD - New Blood Concept design









Northampton, United Kingdom

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